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Radio Player

24/7 Radio, is a self explantionary bot, as said it plays any of the radio stations in your server 24/7.

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Name Description Usage
<code>r.botinfo</code> Shows some information about ToolsBox <code>r.botinfo</code>
<code>r.uptime</code> Shows how long the bot has been online for <code>r.uptime</code>
<code></code> Shows the bots current ping <code></code>
<code>r.invite</code> Sends the invite for the Bot <code>r.invite</code>
<code></code> Sends the invite to 24/7 Radio’s Support Server <code></code>
<code>r.join</code> Joins the command executors voice channel <code>r.join</code>
<code>r.leave</code> Leaves the command executors voice channel <code>r.leave</code>
<code>r.stop</code> Stops the current playing music <code>r.stop</code>
<code>r.volume</code> Changes the volume of the current playing music <code>r.volume [1-100]</code>
<code>r.stations</code> Sends a list of all the supported radio stations <code>r.stations</code>
<code>r.station</code> Lets you play the station you requested to play <code>r.radio1</code>
<code>r.viewffm</code> Lets you view FreightFM’s stats <code>r.viewffm</code>
<code>r.viewtnr</code> Lets you view Trucking Nation Radio’s stats <code>r.viewtnr</code>
<code>r.viewtfm</code> Lets you view TruckersFM’s stats <code>r.viewtfm</code>
<code>r.viewbrfm</code> Lets you view BigRigFM’s stats <code>r.viewbrfm</code>
<code>r.viewtsfm</code> Lets you view TruckSimFM’s stats <code>r.viewtsfm</code>
<code>r.viewsr</code> Lets you view Simulator Radio’s stats <code>r.viewsr</code>