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A bot that capable of applying automatic leveled roles to your Discord server. It is also capable of playing music through voice channel.

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ChlorineBot is a discord bot that focused on leveled role and music. We bring these features for free without limitation.

This is a new release bot, so if you find bug you can report it with report command or DM me (H29id#4352) on support server. We would like to read your suggestion for the better quality.

Some Commands

  1. c!leveledrole Subcommand:
    • enable (enable the leveled role)
    • disable (disable the leveled role)
    • add (add role to leveled role)
    • remove (remove role from leveled role)
    • edit (edit role on leveled role)
    • reset (reset whole leveled role setting and role on server)
    • setting (leveled role settings)
    • list (list of leveled role)
  2. c!welcome and c!goodbye
  3. c!leaderboard
  4. c!rank
  5. c!play


We have to pay the VPS bill lol.

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