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Aina, a multifunction bot. moderation, giveaway maker, streamalert and much more.

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Aina, a multifunction bot.


Aina has audio you can play music with youtube and spotify!


Aina wants to keep your server safe, customizable welcome & leave messages, moderation logs & join logs, kick, ban, message pruning, Automod and more! Commands for automod can be found: AutoMod.


If you’re a streamer or wanna follow someone else up, Aina have alert from: youtube, mixer and twitch.


You wanna levelup? chat and earn level with a global leaderboard + you can earn cookies, if you set it up for it.


Aina has some fun commands, Race, battleship, monopoly, Adventure, Unbelievaboat style work and more.

Giveaway maker

You feeling for having giveaway? with the raffle Aina have, you can have so many giveaway you want.

Role reactions

If you are looking for reactions for roles, Aina has a limit on 250 roles to react. Lucario also have auto role that users who join get a role automatically.


you can, Search for an item in the Pokémon universe, Get a Pokémon’s catch location, Search for a Pokémon’s moveset and Search for a Pokémon’s moveset. and in the pokedex you can search after different pokemons to get info about them.


If you have any questions, need help or having issues, you can join the support server or use to contact me.