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Suggester is a bot that manages server suggestions, allowing staff to review suggestions before they are posted and manage them in many ways

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What can I use it for?

Suggester is a bot used for managing suggestions! Users can submit suggestions, and server staff members with the customizable staff role can approve or deny them, making sure only valid suggestions make it out to users for voting.

Inviting the bot

Inviting Suggester is easy! Click here to add it to your server! The bot requires all permissions there, or else it will not work correctly.


User Suggestion Features

All users (as long as they are not blacklisted) can use the command(s) in this section.

Users can make suggestions with the suggest command. This command will send the suggestion for staff approval.

Server Staff Features

Server staff have many actions they can take on suggestions. Any users that are Server Admins (see Server Admin Features section below) or have the customized staff role can use the command(s) in this section.

Approving and denying suggestions

It all starts when the suggestion is submitted, at which point a staff member can choose to approve or deny it. If it is approved, the suggestion is sent to the customized suggestions feed for display/reaction voting. Additionally, the listqueue command will show all suggestions awaiting review.

Updating suggestions

Once a suggestion has been posted, staff members can update it to show progress or give an update. The comment command allows for an official comment to be shown in the suggestion embed, and the mark command can show the status of a suggestion (whether it is implemented, staff are working on it, or it’s not happening).

Further suggestion interaction

If a suggestion needs deleted after it is approved, server staff can use the delete command to remove it from the suggestions feed.

Regardless of whether a suggestion is approved, denied, deleted, or awaiting review, staff members can use the info command to get information about a certain suggestion. This will show the suggestion, the user who submitted the suggestion, the staff member that approved/denied the suggestion, the current reaction vote totals, the link to the suggestions feed post, and any marked status or comments.

Blacklisting users

If a user is violating guidelines you have put in place for suggestions, spamming the bot, etc., server staff can use the blacklist command to disallow them from using the bot in the server. The unblacklist command will reverse this and allow them to use the bot again.

Server Admin Features

Server admins have access to configure the bot settings in their specific server. Anyone who has the Manage Server permission or customized server admin role can use the command(s) in this section.

The serverconfig command allows for easy server configuration. Several elements of the configuration must be set before the bot can be used.

Here are the config elements:

adminrole - Anyone with this role can edit your server config (as can anyone with the Manage Server permission) and use all staff commands - Takes a role name

reviewrole - Anyone with this role can use all staff comands - Takes a role name

reviewchannel - Channel where suggestions awaiting review are posted - Take a Channel ID or #mention

suggestionschannel - Channel where suggestions that are approved are posted - Takes a Channel ID or #mention

deniedchannel - Channel where suggestions the are denied/deleted are posted. NOTE: This element is optional, the bot will still work if it is not set - Takes a Channel ID or #mention

prefix - The prefix that all commands start with Example: in .command the prefix is . - Takes any string with no spaces


If you have any questions about the bot or need assistance, you can head over to our Support Server and our team will be more than happy to help!