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Tsumiki is an Anime themed Action Bot, with various Actions and miscellaneous Commands

Prefix: ~Upvote Botdiscord.js1 upvotes this month575 servers

Who is Tsumiki?

Tsumiki Miniwa is from the Anime Acchi Kocchi (Place to Place)

She is a student at the Nekoge Prefectural High School, along with Io Otonashi, Mayoi Katase, Hime Haruno and Sakaki Inui. The whole Anime is centered around Io and Tsumiki love interest for each other.

How to get started with the bot?

Step 1: Add it to your server, either click “invite” on top of the page or click on the “Add Tsumiki” image.

Step 2: Allow the bot with the permissions that is pre-checked.
Note: Failing to do so, may result in my bot not working corretly, or not work optimally for best results!

Step 3: Learn the bot’s prefix, currently it is ~
Note: You can also ask in a channel my bot is in, example: "What is your prefix @Tsumiki#0772?"

Step 4: Do ~Help or ~Help List - This will give you all the commands that my bot has to offer.
Note: Use the purple arrow emojis, to move right or left between pages!

Step 5: Do ~Help [Command Name] - for more details on how to use that command.

Step 6: [optional] If you prefer the Help list in DMs, include -DM or -PM at the end of the Help List command.
Example: ~Help List -pm or ~Help List -dm

Step 7: [optional] Join my Support server, to keep yourself updated on new releases! :3

Main Feature for the bot: (Currently being Developed)

Visit Tsumiki Github Page for more details

Take a look at Tsumiki’s official Website

Check out our Twitter to stay updated!

Forgot the prefix?

Don’t worry Senpai, I’ve got you covered!

Tsumiki is coded so you can simply ask in any channel she has READ and SEND permissions in!

Simply ask in the channel using one of the following methods:

What is your prefix @Tsumiki#0772?

Stripped down version: @Tsumiki#0772 prefix?

I’ve also added so you don’t have to include ?
Or if you word it a bit differently, but the above ones should work as intended.