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JsBot is a bot that holds many features. You can have settings for your server, a profile that is saved on the bot.

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JsBot is a multifeatured bot holding many commands that you can view, we also feature documentation for those who don’t know how to use the commands, since the config/profile commands are pretty hard to use. JsBot is being constantly updated with new commands and new features.

Some Features

  1. Music
  2. Configs
  3. Profiles


  1. botinfo: Bot info and stats -Aliases: bi
  2. bugreport: Report a bug -Aliases: bugadd
  3. config: View or set the config for your server -Aliases: cfg ,conf ,settings ,cg
  4. pause: Pause current song -Aliases: pausesong
  5. ping: Bot ping -Aliases: pong
  6. play: Play or search music. -Aliases: p
  7. profile: View profile -Aliases: account ,view ,seeprofile
  8. queue: View the servers queue -Aliases: viewlist
  9. create: Create your account -Aliases: register ,createaccount ,accountcreation ,registeraccount
  10. resume: Resume current song -Aliases: resumesong
  11. roles: Show the guilds roles -Aliases: serverroles ,listroles
  12. say: Say a message as the bot -Aliases: botsay
  13. search: Search of music -Aliases: searchsong ,songsearch
  14. serverinfo: Server info -Aliases: si
  15. skip: Skip the palying song and goes to the next one on the queue -Aliases: skipsong
  16. stop: Stop and make the bot leave the vc -Aliases: stopmusic
  17. userinfo: Userinfo about someone -Aliases: ui
  18. volume: Set volume to playing song -Aliases: setvolume
  19. website: Website for jsbot -Aliases: web ,jsbotwebsite ,jsbwebsite
  20. help: Show commands and the [comming soon] website! -Aliases: ? ,halp

New Commands:

The say command is a new command that can display your string in an embed format, bold, italics, etc format.


You can view our website to see our documentation and commands and bot status.