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You may view our commands displayed per category here. This is pretty much a exact copy of f!help in the bot.

Moderation Commands

Ban - Ban a mentioned user from the server | f!ban <@user> <reason>

Kick - Kick a mentioned user from the server | f!kick <@user> <reason>

Mute - Prevent a mentioned user from chatting until unmuted | f!mute <@user> <reason>

Nick - Set the nickname for a mentioned user | f!nick <@user> <nickname>

Purge - Bulk delete a certain amount of messages from a channel | f!purge <# of messages>

Temp Mute - Temporarily prevent a mentioned user from chatting. You may select the time until user is unmuted | f!tempmute <@user> <amount of time><reason>

Fun Commands

Ship - Ship two mentioned users together to get a ship name, as well as love percentage <3 | f!ship <@user> <@user>

Dadjoke - Use this to receive possibly the worst jokes you’ve ever heard, be warned. | f!dadjoke

Information and Other Commands

About - Displays information about the bot, including ram and cpu usage | f!about

Feedback - Send feedback directly to the bot developer | f!feedback <feedback>

Help - Display the help commands | f!help

Invite - Get the discord support guild invite, as well as the bot invite | f!invite

Logs - Turn on the logs, and set the channel it sends to | f!logs

Userinfo - Get information on a user. This will give you their join dates, roles, bot punishments and more. | f!userinfo <@user>v