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Poptart is a bot with fun commands and a full RPG system, but also helps with moderation and support!

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↳ full RPG game + economy system: with magic, quests, fights, missions, training, shop and more

↳ customizeable valuta

↳ 8ball, rolldice, who’s my soulmate, snap, (yourmama) jokes, search on urban dictionary, howgay etc

↳ random meme and gif generator

↳ kiss, hug, cuddle, slap commands

↳ which avenger/dc/dere/celeb are you commands

↳ moderation commands: kick, ban, unban, enable and disable nsfw commands

↳ support commands: ticket system, custom welcome message and polls

↳ Support server

↳ gain information about server and users

↳ over 100+ commands