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Tomori is a Discord Bot who aspiring to surpass many popular other bots.

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This is a new bot, but it can already compete with top bots.<br> The ability to offer almost any function, and it will be implemented.<br> If necessary, the function will work only on your server.<br> If you have a discord nitro, then soon the background in the profile of the bot,<br> you can set the gif, instead of the standard jpg.<br> <br> We can add localisation if you will need it.<br> Tomori works with PostgreSQL database.<br> <br> List of all commands at this moment:<br> me - Show user profile<br> $ - Check your money balance<br> top - Show top users list<br> timely - Take money (every 12 hours take 500 cookie)<br> work - Go to a work (every 30 minutes takes 50 cookie)<br> slots - Play a slots machine<br> br - Play a roulette<br> give - Give your money to user<br> rep - Give reputation to user (every 24 hours)<br> <br> hug - Hug user<br> fuck - Show fuck to user<br> kiss - Kiss user<br> wing - Wing to user<br> five - Give five to user<br> punch - Punch user<br> drink - Drink<br> <br> avatar - Send user avatar<br> report - Send a report<br> backgrounds<br> server - Send information about this server<br> help Show bot commands list <br> ping - Check ping to hosting<br> about - Show information about bot<br> <br>