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Auto Voice Channels

Allow your users to dynamically create voice channels as they need them, and automatically delete them when they're empty.

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I’m a bot that allows your users to dynamically and infinitely create voice channels as they need them, and automatically delete them as soon as they are no longer used.

– Quickstart –

Run vc/create and I’ll make a new primary channel for you. When users join this channel, I’ll make a new channel for them and move them to it.

The new channel will by default be named according to the game they are playing together, e.g. “#1 [Warframe]”, and will rename itself if they start to play a different game - but you can change this to anything you like (see the command reference below).

Once everybody leaves the channel, I’ll automatically delete it.

– Commands –

The default prefix for all commands is vc/, e.g. vc/create. You can also mention me instead, like @Auto Voice Channels create.

To get more info about a particular command, type vc/help <command>.

create - Make a new primary voice channel. When users join this channel, I’ll make a new one for them and move them into it.

template - Change the name template for secondary channels. Default is ## [@@[email protected]@]. Run vc/help template for a full list of usable variables.

toggleposition - Toggle whether new channels are placed above or below the primary one. Defaults to above.

alias - Change the displayed name for a certain game if, for example it’s too long to fit in the channel sidebar.

disable - Turn me off in this server. You can still use all my commands, but I won’t create any new voice channels for anyone.

enable - Turn me on baby! (I’m enabled by default)

prefix - Change the alternate prefix of the bot (default is vc/).

All the above commands are restricted to admin users. The commands below can be used by anyone.

help - This message :) Use vc/help <command> to get more information about a particular command.

limit/lock - Limit the number of users allowed in your channel to either the current number of users, or the specified number. Use unlimit/unlock to remove the limit.

invite - Get my invite link to invite me to a different server.

– Support –

If you need any help, you can talk to my master here: