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Neko Chan

A common bot, with common & Exclusive Feautures. But all in the one place. No need to have 100 Bots when you've got Neko Chan

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Neko Chan

Neko Chan was created with little to no coding experience, Tired of having different Discord Bots to do other things so why not just combine them into one. But enough about the boring stuff.

You can forward any Suggestions or Issues to the Support Server.


You can see Neko Chan’s Commands by using the Help Commands

nya!help nya!admin help nya!rpg help

How to set me up

I’m real easy to setup, just invite and go. You can even add your own Custom Prefix for you server.

Admin persmissions are not required but to get the full experience and avoid unforeseen issues it’s recommended. I don’t do anything without you requesting it.

If not, these are the basic Permissions to make sure everything works smoothly.

Moderation Requirements

Manage Roles, Manage Channels, Kick Members, Ban Members and Manage Webhooks

General Requirements
Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels
Send Messages
Manage Messages
Embed Links
Attach Files
Read Message History
Use External Emojis
Add Reactions