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Mini Me

An all purpose bot to spice up your server!

Prefix: m::
53 servers

Mini Me is an awesome bot for your server that gives your staff power and lets your members have fun.

Mini Me’s Features:

  • 2 types of jokes.
  • 8ball predictions.
  • Waifu ratings.
  • Logging
  • Moderation tools (ban, kick, purge)
  • A great ping command lol.
  • Translation tools.
  • User info stealers.
  • Access to the support server.
  • A Discord Bot List search command.
  • A bot stats getter for this bot.
  • An avatar stealer.
  • A vote link for the bot.
  • A weather getter.
  • A coin flipper.
  • An ascii text art generator.
  • An ascii font finder.
  • An urban dictionary.
  • A Minecraft server info finder.