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Advanced Moderation, Leveling, Approve suggestions, Delete Links, Welcome and Leave messages, Auto Role and more.

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<html> <head> </head> <body> <p class=“anchor”>Anchor</p> <a href=“”> <button class=“button” type=“submit”>ADD TO YOUR SERVER</button>
</a> <p class=“desc”> Do you have too many bots in your server? When inviting Anchor there will be no need to have them.<br/>Anchor has everything you could need, from moderation to leveling.</p> <p class=“moderation”>MODERATION</p> <p class=“mdesc”>Handle rule breakers with ease.<br/>View and edit old moderation cases<br/>using the advanced commands.</p> <p class=“settings”>SETTINGS</p> <p class=“sdesc”>Customize your server to benefit you.<br/>Custom welcome, join and leave messages.</p> <p class=“leveling”>LEVELING</p> <p class=“ldesc”>Award active users in chat with experience.<br/>Experience bar to show your progess.</p> <p class=“information”>INFORMATION</p> <p class=“idesc”>Easily find out information to do with Anchor.<br/>React with the emojis on the help embed<br/>to get a list of command to do with that module.</p> <p class=“utility”>UTILITY</p> <p class=“udesc”>Useful commands to use from day to day.<br/>Find out information about your server or a user.</p> <p class=“social”>SOCIAL</p> <p class=“ssdesc”>Create a page displaying all of your social platforms.<br/>Users can then access this whenever they want.</p> <a href=“”> <button class=“button2” type=“submit”>SUPPORT SERVER</button>

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