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Multi-purpose, open source bot with many integrations, utilities, moderation & more

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A Discord bot for all your needs.

With memes, utilities, moderation & more, Fire is the only bot you’ll need.


The default prefix is $ but you can change this by doing $prefix <new prefix> (surround it in "" if you want spaces). You can also mention the bot to use commands @Fire#0682 meme. You can view the commands here


Fire has a few integrations that allow you to retrieve content from external platforms such as Reddit, Hypixel and even the Google Assistant.


Fire has many different utilities to help you get information quickly about many things. Some examples include auto-quotes when you send a message link or being able to fetch simple user info


We know how hard moderation can be, so we try to make things easy. With commands to mute, block (per-channel mute), kick and ban, moderation is a piece of cake!