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A bot completely made for fun! With Fun, Moderation and Memes + Extras!

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There are a total of 190 commands. Showing them all here would too much. So… They can all be viewed here in a very clean view! or a easy way is doing s!help in your server. Also all the commands are case insensitive.

Key features

  1. My invite only includes the permissions the bot really needs, please don’t give it any extra perms! and especially not admin.


This bot gets better every day! Just check the s!changelog in there should be all the changes that happen to the bot. You can also suggest anything with: s!suggest! Anything that gets suggested has a very high chance to be added.


Please report any bug or mistake in grammar with the command: s!report! and it will be 100% fixed in max a day!


If you need any help with anything such as inviting, giving perms, join my support server via the button above or via the s!support command.