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The only authentic Pokémon battling experience you can get on Discord!

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The most complete Pokémon experience in Discord!

Myuu’s site

You can find every information you may need here:

Why Myuu?

It’s very simple:

  1. Every battle effect is included, ranging from move effects to stat boosts.
  2. No fake-mon, no need to know every Pokémon name, hyper-realistic routes.
  3. Tournaments, Elo Ladder, PvP battles, trades etc. are all included.
  4. Leveling up is not only done by wining Pokémon but by chatting as well. <br> </br>

How to start?

A look into Myuu’s visuals and its functions


Myuu’s battles support everything just like the original Pokémon games bringing back all the nostalgic memories.



Your is where the Pokémon you’ll bring to any battle is. It’s again the same thing it was in the original games only on Discord.



Finally, your box is where any Pokemon caught is stored. We’ll provide you with space, you can focus on catching them all!


I have an issue

The first thing you can do is to join our support server and report it in the bugs channel. You can also send me a personal email which can be found at the bottom of Myuu’s page here: