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Hello, my name is Pokebrawl! I'm the mascot of this fine looking Tournament .

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PokeBrawl Battle your Pokemon. Welcome!

Hello, my name is Pokebrawl! I’m the mascot of this fine looking Tournament . If you haven’t heard of me before, I run this stadium here where pokemon throughout the multiverse battle it out, with you commanding them at their side. Don’t worry, everyone is safe and no one gets really hurt while battling. The game is quite fun and I do hope you enjoy it! To learn more about the bot tournament follow the links below.

Bot Prefix: • |

Bot Command: • |brawl (@mention)- starts a stadium brawl with someone. • |cc setup - open your credit card account. • |jolteon - buys jolteon • |greninja - buys greninja • |chansey - buys chansey • |cc amount - view your taunts in your credit card account. • |cc raise - adds 200 taunts to your credit card account. • |cc amount (@mention)- views another players taunts. • |buy-view- buys the ability to view other players taunts. • |trivia pokemon start- starts a pokemon trivia .

Important Links: • Invite: • Official Website. • Official Server: • Tournament Server: • Donate: ToddAnthony#8066