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    <html> <head> <style> dl { border: 2px solid Black; padding: 5px; margin: 5px; } h5 { font-weight: bold; margin: 5px; } dt { font-weight: bold; } </style> </head> <body> <div style=“background-color:black;padding:10px;”> <header> <h1 style=“color:White;”>OKTO</h1> </header> <hr /> <main style=“color:White;”> <p> <h3 style=“color:White;”>OKTO is a bot that provides information about upcoming rocket launches, launch provider and launch vehicle, with more coming soon!</h3> <hr /> <h5 style=“color:White;”>The following commands are currently available:</h5> <h5 style=“color:White;”>Launch commands:</h5> <dl> <dt>;launch next</dt> <dd>Shows the next upcoming launch and some basic information on that launch.<br> Add the name of a launch provider or vehicle to get the next launch of that provider or vehicle.<br> (This command can also be called by ;nl or ;ln)</dd> <dt>;launch next ‘provider or vehicle’</dt> <dd>Shows the next launch from the given launch provider or launch vehicle.</dd> <dt>;launch list</dt> <dd>Shows a list of upcoming launches (maximum of 10).<br> (you can also replace ;launch list by ;ll, both in this and in other commands)</dd> <dt>;launch list all</dt> <dd>Get a list of upcoming launches, including those that aren’t certain or have been cancelled.<br> Use the reactions to see other pages.</dd> <dt>;launch list ‘launch provider/vehicle name’</dt> <dd>Get a list of upcoming launches from a specified launch provider or vehicle, including those that aren’t certain or have been cancelled.</dd> <dt>;ls</dt> <dd>Shows all the vehicles/agencies that you can sort the launch next and launch list commands on.</dd> <dt>;launch info</dt> <dd>Get more detailed info on a selected launch.<br>Use the number of the launch from the launch list all</dd> </dl> <h5 style=“color:White;”>Notification commands:</h5> <dl> OKTO can send notifications to a channel or to you as a Direct Message at set times before a rocket launch <dt>;notifychannel</dt> <dd>Calls up the menu for setting up launch notifications in the current channel</dd> <dt>;notifyme</dt> <dd>Calls up the menu for setting up launch notifications in your DMs</dd> </dl> <h5 style=“color:White;”>Information commands:</h5> <dl> <dt>;provider ‘name of launch provider’</dt> <dd>Shows information about a launch provider</dd> <dt>;provider list</dt> <dd>Shows a list of all launch providers that can currently be called with the provider command</dd> <dt>;vehicle ‘name of launch vehicle’</dt> <dd>Shows information about a launch vehicle</dd> <dt>;vehicle list</dt> <dd>Shows a list of all launch vehicles that can currently be called with the vehicle command</dd> <dt>;orbiter ‘name of orbiter’</dt> <dd>Shows information about an orbiter</dd> <dt>;orbiter list</dt> <dd>Shows a list of all orbiters that can currently be called with the orbiter command</dd> </dl> <h5 style=“color:White;”>exoplanet commands:</h5> <dl> <dt>;exoplanet</dt> <dd>Shows information about a random exoplanet in the NASA Exoplanet Archive</dd> <dt>;exoplanet ‘name of an exoplanet’</dt> <dd>Shows information about that exoplanet</dd> <dt>;exoplanet ‘name of a star’</dt> <dd>Shows information about that star (only stars that have exoplanets)</dd> </dl> <h5 style=“color:White;”>Misc. commands:</h5> <dl> <dt>;spacepic</dt> <dd>Shows a random picture of space</dd> <dt>;earthpic ‘natural or enhanced’</dt> <dd>Shows the most recent image taken by the EPIC camera onboard the NOAA DSCOVR spacecraft</dd> <dt>;iss</dt> <dd>Shows the current location of the International Space Station</dd> <dt>;peopleinspace</dt> <dd>Shows a list of the people currently in space and in which spacecraft they are.</dd> <dt>;curiosity, ;spirit, ;opportunity or ;hubble</dt> <dd>Gets a random picture made by, or about that spacecraft. Some are gorgeous, some are near-blank, see if you’re lucky!</dd> <dt>;websites</dt> <dd>Shows a list of websites with more information</dd> <dt>;ping</dt> <dd>Get the latency of the bot</dd> </dl> <h5 style=“color:White;”>Help commands:</h5> <dl> <dt>;help or ;okto</dt> <dd>Shows a list of all the available commands.</dd> <dt>;help ‘command group’</dt> <dd>Shows the descriptions for the commands in that group.</dd> <dt>;info</dt> <dd>Shows more information about the bot itself.</dd> <hr /> <h5 style=“color:White;”>You can always contact me (Callidus#3141) for more information and help!</h5> </p> </main> </div> </body> </html>