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Yamamura is an all-in-one bot focused on providing help for modding communities. If you have a modding server, this is the recommended bot to get.

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Yamamura is an all-in-one Discord bot dedicated to helping modding communities and more
It can fulfill your server’s moderation needs and create fun events for your community to enjoy.

Here are a list of features it can do outside of commands:

That isn’t even talking about the commands which you can perform on the bot. There are many to be offered, with some exclusives being:

To check out the commands, either check out our website (which contains other information, found here) or use the commands command.

Server Experience Points

Want to have a way to reward your members for being active? Want to have a way to have a shop of sorts? Yamamura can help you with both.


Yamamura allows users to customize the bot in many ways possible. From having custom randomized welcome messages and level up messages to enabling server logging (to be used instead of the audit log), the experience can be tweaked to an administrator’s liking. Use the !conf command to change a configuration.

Once we get a dashboard up and running, you can use a website as a replacement, making inputting new configurations much easier. You’d also be able to use a JSON file as a server configuration.

Nintendo DS Homebrew

So far, our biggest server is the TWL Mode Hacking server. As such, Yamamura has a lot of focus on DS homebrew. Supporting recent advancements (such as running DS titles on your DSi/3DS SD card), you can ensure the bot will be up to date.

Bug Reports, Support, Feedback and More

Please join our Discord Server if you’d like to talk about any of those.

Your own local instance

If you’d just like to invite the Bot to the server, just use the invite found on the website. In order to have your own Yamamura, you will need to have a server that can run node.js. Then clone this git repository, run npm init and then run yamamura.js

Helping out

Do you want to help make Yamamura the best bot possible?! If so, here’s how you can help us out:

If you need anything, join the support server found on our website. We hope to see you soon! ~ NightYoshi370, owner of Yamamura