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A Discord bot that helps you create embeds. Also plays you music.

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Full list of commands and their usage can be found on our website, or provided by the bot using the command {prefix}help [command name]. Here is a key for commands featured here.

MusEmbed™ | Clean Embeds, Crisp Music

This is a bot that can help you easily create embeds in your server. We also have music playing functionality.

Customizable Prefix

You can easily customise different settings, including the bot’s prefix, of your server via the command {prefix}setconf <configuration> <new value>.

Here are the two available configurations:

Easily create embeds for your guild

Easily create embeds. One simple command - bam, that’s it.

You can choose from two kinds of embeds:

Note that if no hex code is provided, the embed created will be grey in colour.

High-quality music - crisp clear

Our music is decoded at a bitrate of 512kbps, and comes with a well-developed queue.

Utility and Moderation

We provide basic utility and moderation commands (e.g. botinfo, serverinfo, purge, etc.). More information about these can be found here.