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Chord is a High quality Discord music bot with every command you can think of!

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Chord is a high quality music bot made by Discord user Timo Aardappel#6163. It has many commands to improve your experience with music, like queue, skip and volume.


Start Playing

play - Play a track with the given name or url (Max 5 hours).

playlist - Play a playlist with the given url (Max 100 tracks).

Track Modifier

pause - Pause the currently playing track.

loopsong - Loop the currently playing track.

loopqueue - Loop the current playing queue.

resume - Resume the currently paused track.

volume - Check or change the current volume.

Track Queue

queue - View the current queue with additional information.

clearqueue - Clear all tracks in the queue.

remove - Remove a certain track from the queue.

shuffle - Shuffle the queue.

nowplaying - See what track the bot is currently playing.

Skip Track

skip - Skip the currently playing track.

replay - Reset the progress of the current track.

disconnect - Clear the queue and disconnect the bot from the voice channel it is in.

seek - Seek to a specific track in the queue.


help - Display all commands of the bot.

ping - Check the bot’s response time to Discord.

stats - See the live statistics of the bot.

invite - See the bot’s invite link and support server.

prefix - See or change the bot’s prefix.


vote - See the link to upvote the bot on DiscordBotsLists.

checkvote - Check if you have voted for Potato Music.