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Discord bot with fun tools! More can be added by request.


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    This bot is currently in Alpha, but we are open to requests and changes. To add the commands you always wanted, join our <a href=“https://discord.gg/zGAFbU9”>discord server</a>.<br> <br> <b>Commands:</b> <br> <b>FUN:</b><br> <br> <b>!r urban <word></b> searches the definition of a word<br> <b>!r coinflip<b> flips a coin<br> <b>!r rolldice<b> rolls a dice<br> <b>!r pat<b> posts an image of a pat<br> <b>!r avatar<b> <mention> posts the profile picture of the mentioned users (max 3)<br> <b>!r lewd<b> Sends lewd pics<br>!r sleep Sends picture of Kanna sleeping<br> <br> <b>Mod:<b><br> <br> <b>!r clean</b> removes my latest messages and user-made bot messages<br> – requires Dragon Mod role --<br> <b>!r kick notinside <role></b> kicks all members that are not inside that role<br> <br> <b>Information:<b><br> <br> <b>!r help</b> for help<br> <b>!r changelog</b> to see new changes<br> <b>!r invitebot</b> for the invite link<br> <b>!r support</b> for the bot server link<br>