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A customizable bot that notifies you of triggers (regexp and plain text supported) mentioned in a server.

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This bot allows you to add plain text words or RegExp triggers. The bot will then dm you with context of the conversation that took place when someone mentioned one of your triggers in their messages (or attachments if ocr is enabled).

This bot is useful for servers that have trouble or just doesn’t feel like or are just too busy with other stuff to monitor the channels to make sure users aren’t breaking the rules, or if you would just like to be notified when your username is mentioned in a conversation.

Note: This bot only dms you based on the triggers you add to the bot. Meaning the more triggers you add the more dms you’ll receive depending on how active the server is and how many times a trigger is said in the chat. So for anyone that likes to add triggers then complain about a user highlighting them to stop receiving highlights simply remove your triggers from the bot.

You can find a full list of this bots commands on its commands page.