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A Discord Bot coded in Discord.js.

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Reknown is a Discord bot programmed in Discord.js. It comes with levelling, starboard, welcoming, logging, moderation, and much more. You can get your list of all of the commands (all separated in different categories!) by using ?help. You can also get information about a command by doing ?help <Command>. Of course, if another bot is interfering with this bot’s prefix, don’t kick it! Use the ?config prefix <Prefix> command (mentioning the bot as a prefix works too) to change the prefix. If you have something that you with the bot had, you can use ?suggest <Suggestion> to use it.

To report a bug, you can either go to our Github Repository and report it, join our Discord Server and submit it there, or contact me directly (Jyguy#9535). I’ll accept friend requests when I can, so be patient.

Have fun using the bot!