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An open-source trivia bot! Categories include Anime & Manga, Sports, Video Games, etc.


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    TriviaBot brings multiplayer trivia games to your Discord server! With over 3,000 questions and 24 categories, TriviaBot offers endless trivia fun! <br><br> To use the bot, simply add it to your server and type ‘trivia help’ in a text channel. <br><br> <a href=“” class=“button”>Support TriviaBot on Patreon</a> <br><br> <a href=“” class=“button”>View source code on GitHub</a> <br> <a href=“” class=“button”>View update progress on Trello</a> <br> <a href=“” class=“button”>Join the Discord</a> <br><br> TriviaBot can also be manually installed if you wish to host it yourself. See here: <br><a href=“” class=“button”>Manual Install Guide</a>