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A bot that is jam packed with many features, including moderation, music, memes, and more!

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RoBot v5

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RoBot is a Discord Bot that is jam packed with many great commands, including:
• A full moderation suite, including mute, kick, ban, give/take roles, and voicekicking!
• Guild utility tools, such as channel creation, moderator lists, permissions lists, and more!
• Music commands, including a full queuing and youtube search system - do %mhelp!
• Dog and cat pictures and facts - who doesn’t want more of these in their lives?
• Image, movie, whois, urban, discriminator, country, news, and Google search functions
• Fight, joke, yomomma, advice, XKCD, 8ball, general fact, and Chuck Norris commands
• Random emoji, ASCII, faces, and 1337 text generation commands!
• Handwriting and writing content Analysis through the Alex API!
• Near-complete integration with the Idiot’s API, a specialized image generation API!
• A customizable prefix system, so the bot’s prefix doesn’t interfere with any others!
• And a whole lot of other features!